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They were the Fifties when the founder of the Etafelt Group, while observing the Japanese brushes, invented a new writing instrument consisting of a compressed felt tip and a buffer able to hold the ink and let it flow out little by little.
He didn’t know, but what he did, was to give birth to the first Italian felt marker.
The main problem, however, was the ink which shouldn’t dry out too quickly. After many attempts the first felt pen sees the light, with the tip carried out with wood plaques dipped with polyester resins and hot pressed, a buffer for ink soaked by capillarity and dosed automatically.
The barrel, passed by the time from glass to aluminum and was definitely replaced by extruded PVC tubes.
The result is SKRIBA, the first Italian fiber pen.

From 1956 the 1st
Italian felt-tip pen

We produce with
solar power

7 establishments
20,000 square meters


Colour for passion

Through colors we can voice our feelings, express our emotions and fix the images of the best moments.
With colors we communicate, talk, live and play. Etafelt knows this and that is why they have created Fibracolor, the full range of products for school and leisure, now popular in Italy and abroad.
There is a vast choice of items to boost children’s imagination and to help adults to transform their imagination into a picture, a drawing, a masterpiece. Because the world is made of colors and Fibracolor can keep its shades alive wherever you want, in complete safety and convenience.


Meant for writing

All the Hi-Text range is designed and engineered to offer professional, useful and suitable products to everyone for every kind of need. Since 1993, the year of its birth, Hi-Text has constantly followed the needs of those who write, in study and at work: from ballpoint pens to highlighters, each solution is the result of careful research both in design and technology.
A comprehensive offer that meets all requirements and makes writing easy and smooth: a pleasant and unmistakable daily experience.


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